Ever since the kind people at Five Loaves Two Fish distributed their beautiful masks, I have been wearing mine.

I moved aside, or out into the street when approached by unmasked walkers/joggers invading my six-foot zone. Masks were only suggested, not enforced.

Now a rule has been established telling all people to wear masks outside if coming within six feet of another and I have noticed a curious phenomenon.

More people are wearing masks, but others now wear masks around their neck, cupped over their chin (?), or swinging like a pert little handbag from their wrist.

When approached on sidewalks, and as the six-foot perimeter closes, I wait for them to pop it on. But they keep coming. They do not put on their masks. So, I still end up walking into someone’s lawn, or darting into the street. On rare occasions they cough/sneeze as they pass by. I know these are sadly, uncontrollable impulses (which is why masks are helpful). But to an elderly person with bad lungs, it is a bit disconcerting.

The only thing I can think of is that I am not “Mask Worthy?”

So, I ask you politely, dear Coronado-ians. What can I do to become “Mask Worthy?”

What can I do to entice you to put the mask over your nose and mouth, as opposed to your chin, neck, or swinging merrily from your wrist?

Tell me, and if at all possible, I will accommodate.

Respectfully submitted

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