Two glorious days last weekend with almost everyone maskless on our promenades and bike paths. The authorities have removed the crime scene tape wrapping the park benches, (friend Jon R.’s term: “Death Benches”). Why didn’t they put an empty coffin next to each one to make the collective terror last a few more days? In tennis and lawn bowling regulations we are, among many things, admonished not to touch the opponents’ balls. That’s literally what it says. You can’t make this stuff up. And on and on. There are the multitudes of nonconformers facing a $1000 fine and jail time maybe in a desert tent complex around Plaster City....?

At Geezerville (Coronado Shores) there was an understandably higher mask count because we are older and more vulnerable. If so urged we should add face shield, hood, and rubber gloves to our attire but should not give the stink eye to the unmasked. We are safe.

In the air there is word of a recrudescence of the infection. Considering the dismal record of the “experts,” the predictions, computer models, and the continuing lack of data up to now I would take this with a grain of salt. Another shutdown would be disastrous.

Anecdotes seem to be compelling in these situations so here is one: I’ve intimate knowledge of an otherwise healthy Coronado woman in her 30s whose disease recently relapsed because the epidemic closed down her treatment center, then she died.

This is not to diminish the efforts of Dr. Fauci et. al., one of the great doctors of our time, but taking his sole opinion contains many negative consequences. People who might disagree with all this should get a grip on the few reliable facts, empirical observations, and most importantly on the myriad unknowns. Then go ahead and talk.

Take a chance. As far as I know we only get one.

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