We, like you, are in lock down. So I put my coach’s hat on and thought: how do we make the best of this? I came up with five thoughts that would help mentally and physically. Just little things, but I thought I would share them with you.

I have a saying ‘once your coach, always your coach.’ To that end, I have a few thoughts about dealing with the world turmoil that we will face over the next several months.

New Zealand, like many countries, is in total lockdown, as in stay in your house, and go out for walks, for medical reasons or food, but nothing other than that, [for] at least four weeks, so I thought, how do we do this and come out the other side being the best we can be.

I am no trained psychologist, but I do have a lot of experience in getting the best out of sailors and myself, or at least trying to (and we do have a psychologist daughter-in-law, plus a daughter who did a lot of psychology papers over the years at university. Thus I offer this ‘thinking out loud’ to you and your family.

Beating Coronavirus:

We need to do everything you should do to contain and help authorities deal with it. To win this one, we need a united effort, all working together. This is a strange concept for us; as competitors we try to get around rules, or use the language of the written rule to gain advantage, class rules, racing rules, or tax rules, but not this time. The spirit of the rules counts for everything, (washing hands, two metres apart, no personal contact, etc). This is how we be the best we can be, for ourselves, family, and as people.

Don’t live on the virus roller coaster:

You are going to be bombarded by C-19 news, real and fake, lots of it bad… It will come in non-stop if you let it. Don’t get on that ride. Limit the time you read/watch/listen to the ‘news’. (I am going for one hour a day.) When you can, go to the original source, not some ‘expert’ picking things out of an official update.

Find a focus:

This crazy time creates a perfect chance to up-skill yourself, could be something you wanted to do but have never had the time, or something that will give you a point of difference when we come out the other side. But focus on something, make a plan and get stuck into it, each and every day.

Routine, and keeping your standards:

Exercise, eat healthy, shower, shave, get dressed in clean clothes, have pride in yourself and what you do. Write down your routine and stick to it.

Stay in contact with your family and friends:

Not group chats on WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook. They don’t provide the support you want to give or receive. Individual one-on-one phone chats. Laughs, and comparing notes.

It’s going to be a rough ride, in health and financial terms. This is true for everyone on the planet. If there is any glimmer of good news, planet earth gets a break out of all of this. Good news for all our children and grandchildren. We will get through it, humans are by and large good, so let’s see the best come out in each of us.

Wash your hands, take care of your family and yourself, and be smart.

Take care and all the best.

Rod Davis has earned Gold and Silver medals in sailing. He has been at the helm on America’s Cup boats for the United States, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand. He grew up and spent time at the Coronado Yacht Club. Currently, he lives in New Zealand.

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