In an interview on Aug. 14, 2021 in the Eagle & Journal, Superintendent Mueller stated, “We are not teaching CRT at CUSD.... educators have always had a responsibility to teach diverse perspectives....have a set of standards for teachers to ensure there is a level of objectivity....not to influence a student what to think but how to think...”

At the Aug. 19, 2021 board meeting, Mr. Mueller confirmed CRT/NPFH would not and has not been on campus or in the classrooms during school hours.

Day 1 of school- I reviewed the class syllabuses and assignments. One teacher used exact questions that were out of the NPFH handbook to survey her students. “What is your preferred pronoun?” This was a required question that all students had to answer. Ed Code requires teachers to address students by their preferred pronouns. It does not require the entire class to be surveyed with the requirement to answer! On top of this, four days will have been spent on “What your name means to you and if/why you dislike it.” This is the first suggested activity out of the NPFH handbook.
She also posted video lectures with CRT/ NPFH material and assignments to her students. See Instagram account (mrswhitesclasschs). She is also involved in the NPFH club and was not presenting this material in an objective manner and was instead pushing her views onto the students. Another post shows a picture of books that are from the NPFH site and offered them to her students. This same teacher stated the following on the classroom social media site:

“I have been planning to write you a letter, leaving you with resources to continue this learning (and in some cases, “unlearning”).... I don’t know if you have adults in your life who are open to talking about the issues of racial justice. I sure hope so, but I know that I, for one, am here to support you...I want to model for you that I recognize I have my own implicit bias and narratives I need to unlearn. Being anti-racist is not a one-time decision. As Ijeoma Oluo said, “ Anti-racism is the commitment to fight racism wherever you find it, including in yourself. And it’s the only way forward.” Being anti-racist is a continual process of:
- listening to historically marginalized voices,
- doing the work to become aware of injustices (even if they make you feel sad),
- critiquing racism and injustices around you, and
- contributing to the work with your skills, passion, platform, and resources. If you identify as non-Black, and are interested in digging further into the work of anti-racism, I’ve compiled a list of some resources that have been helpful to me. You can find it on our PowerSchool page or DM me for the link.”

Our children need to learn and hear from all views and openly discuss and express their own thoughts as well as listen to the thoughts of others and be able to form their own objective views. At no time should a teacher push their views and agenda onto students causing them to form the same beliefs as theirs.

Like many other parents, I put my trust in the school administration and believed NPFH was sending out the right message. This was until I attended the Town Hall meeting to learn more about NPFH and read through the NPFH handbook and curriculum materials. I encourage parents to do the same in order to get an educated and informed look into the curriculum. I admit, until I did, I thought NPFH was a positive addition to our community. Now I am clear this is not the case.

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It is clear that there are those within the school system who will use their position and influence to push their own personal agenda upon the children. The Country needs to decide if this type of teaching, is helpful or will it lead to more division and hate. It would be good information to find out how much state & federal funding is connected to this type curriculum. As an outsider, I do not live on your Island, I understand your Island has been in the target, 1st with your HS basketball team and now with the entire system. The people pushing this agenda have a motive and a goal.


The Political Weasels in the Coronado School District need to be removed like you would with any other parasite.

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