Dear Ms. Ekblad,

My wife Bonnie and I are residents on C Avenue, Coronado. We strongly oppose changing the zoning of the Smart and Final property to mixed use. Our building, Regatta Bay was one of the last mixed-use buildings allowed in the commercial zone. Shortly after Regatta Bay was built, Coronado changed their zoning to prohibit mixed residential and commercial buildings. This was a wise decision by the Coronado City Council then, and remains so now.

There has always been pressure on Coronado to rezone commercial property for residential development. There is a high demand for residential property in Coronado and a zoning change is a windfall for the commercial property owner. Yet sacrificing Coronado’s commercial property to meet the insatiable demand for residential housing is a real mistake. Once commercial property is lost, it can never be reclaimed. The Smart and Final property provides essential services for all the residents of Coronado. It is important for the current Coronado City Council to recognize the wisdom of prior city councils, and provide zoning that accommodates grocery stores, pharmacies, dry cleansers and other commercial services.  

Mixed residential and commercial works at Regatta Bay because the commercial businesses are required to accommodate the needs of the residents. The businesses operate only on weekdays during daylight hours. They are low traffic, do not require commercial truck deliveries, and are restricted in the disturbance their operations may generate.  Noise, traffic, extended hours of operation and early and late deliveries are necessary to operate a profitable grocery store. Can a grocery store with razor thin profit margins survive with the increased costs necessary to limit the impact on the families next door? Or will the property owners profit from the residential development, and close the grocery store after a few years operating at a loss?

We understand that the State of California has placed demands on Coronado for additional housing. Coronado should find other ways to comply with these mandates. To eliminate commercial property and the services they provide hurts all current and future residents in Coronado. Looking out for the long-term needs of the Coronado Community should be the first priority of our City Council.

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