In our efforts to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus in Coronado without increasing the risk of dying for some of us while we try, we should stick to what has proved to work so far and dismiss what it hasn’t. Our current State Health recommendations are clearly behind this approach:

The results in South Korea, Malaysia, Japan and China showing that early adoption of social distancing, use of face covering, personal hygienic measures has practically stopped the prevalence of Covid 19 in their communities.

Avoid what we already learn in U.S. and other countries by starting late or erratically implementing these preventive measures. Today in U.S. we have the largest amount of Covid-19 cases and mortality numbers in the world.

Never ignore the above measures as Sweden did by trusting to develop “herd immunity” in their population. They have the largest rates of cases and mortality among the Scandinavian countries, and one of the largest in Western Europe.

To reach herd immunity, as some consider the best or almost the only option to stop the Covid 19 virus spread in our community, approximately 70% of the population would need to be infected to acquire the immunity antibodies. In Coronado this would require approximately 14,000 residents to be infected. Since close to 3,500 Coronado residents are seniors, 2,450 may need the infection for hopefully developing immunity. But the price for them of getting sick of Covid -19 is the risk of a 75% higher mortality than the rest of the herd!

Currently the search for a vaccine and effective therapies are proceeding at a frantic pace in U.S. and the rest of the world. As a case in point, in San Diego County four Sharp Health Care hospital facilities are involved in 12 large multicentric therapeutically trials, reviewed and monitored by Sharp Institutional Review Board of which I am a member.

We are all looking forward to having soon more effective means to fight this serious health threat. But we need to be all together as a community to be successful!

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