I normally wouldn’t respond to personal criticism but in this case there seems to be a concerted and coordinated effort by a small group in town to discredit and name call anyone who speaks up against the current School Board, Administration or candidates for the School Board that they don’t support. They resort to calling concerned parents who are looking for answers and accountability as conspiracy theorists who want to take over the schools and brainwash your children.

To use their own words, that’s poppycock!

Over the past two years I have attended or watched every School Board meeting and have spoken at many. I have sent about 100 emails to School Board members and Administrators looking for information and answers. I have a kid who graduated from CHS in 2021 and another who attended CMS. I am very well versed in this school district’s issues.

Let’s look at those who have criticized me in the Eagle. Most have worked in the district or are currently associated with CUSD. None of them have school aged children. I have never seen any of them attend, or heard any of them speak, at a School Board meeting. One (who uses another last name) is the wife of Jon Sinton- the author of a weekly column in the Eagle that is as far left as you can get. Another went out of her way to talk about her Leave of Absence from Escondido SD and her dream job, but failed to mention that she was a teacher here in Coronado for 23 years. Yet another critic wrote an article in the Eagle back in 2021 entitled, “Lighten Up on Our School Board”.

Do their “backstories” disqualify their opinions? Of course not. However, these people are not the impartial observers and commentators they purport to be.

There are a lot of things that have gone on over the past two years that “these’’ supporters of the current Board and Administration don’t want to answer.

For instance: Why was Karl Mueller dishonest about No Place for Hate and the pro’s and con’s of 4x4? Why is Karl currently spending down the school’s reserves? Why does the current Board approve spending items on the consent agenda that don’t belong there? How will the School District remain solvent if they don’t get to Basic Aid? Why did the Board call our kids “Racist, Classist and Colorist?” I have a list of unanswered questions as long as my arm and have little or no luck at ever getting answers out of the current Board or Administration. There is no TRANSPARENCY!

So you can disagree with what I have to say, but you can’t accuse me of being uninformed. This school district has a lot of great teachers and a lot to be proud of. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t big problems that need addressing. That is why I will not vote for any current Board member or anyone who is a past employee of CUSD. They are all about the status quo and I am looking for something better!

VOL. 112, NO. 37 - Sept. 14, 2022

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American Barrister

To add to the CUSD Board dilemma, one Trustee likes to tell out right lies to get attention and even weaponizes those tall tales. You're absolutely right Steve, we do need better Trustees on the board.

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