Maybe it is time we began to focus on providing less parking rather than pursuing suggestions such as taking away the lovely viewscape of Isabella Avenue by installing a center strip for cars. Imagine what that will look like!

I say this because our history has shown that there will be more and more need for parking as we encourage it and add spaces to provide it. But if parking were limited, it would propel visitors to use alternative transport forms such as the ferry, buses, carpooling, trolleys and Ubers.

I have urged that the west side of Ocean Boulevard. also be free of parking. If the sidewalk was expanded to provide the beautiful promenade that would encourage walking, I think it would only add to the attraction of Coronado as a town to come here and amble…to stroll the beach, the business district, the streets and boulevards that make us so unique. People would find a way to do it without a car, believe me! I realize the Coastal Commission has say in this….but let’s try working with them to open up our historic and amazing view. We could even make it a “Promenade of History.”

Let’s explore what we might be rather than giving in to the traffic that will never cease if we keep encouraging it.

Thank you

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