I thought I would draw the Coronado conservative thinkers out into the open with my sharp opinion piece last week comparing what is happening in this country to the way the Third Reich got control of Germany--anything accepted by the money class until it was too late.

I received 17 wonderfully supportive responses to juliaincoronado@gmail.com. All but two from women. One of the men said he had long-time German friends who have been making the same connection--the way Hitler bamboozled an entire country.

I will be pleased if responses keep coming, maybe this time with thoughts on why the Team-Trump-in-spite-of-everything people are laying low. I have a few ideas, but would like to hear from others.

An interesting thing about this result is that some big daily publications, starting with the New York Times, have been asking readers why their opinion respondents are only 20 percent women. In Coronado, in this instance, we got 99 percent.

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