Keep Coronado Elections Nonpartisan

Our local elected offices (i.e., Mayor, City Council and CUSD Governing Board) are defined by the County Registrar of Voters as “nonpartisan” offices, and Coronado has a longstanding tradition of nonpartisan elections.

However, it is important for residents to know Mayor Bailey and his campaign treasurer Brad Gerbel both sit on the Central Committee of the Republican Party of San Diego County that decides who gets the Republican endorsements in Coronado along with a windfall of free partisan advertising including volunteers to door knock, door hangers, mailers and robocalls, which constitutes partisan interference into our town’s electoral process for nonpartisan offices.

It is of course, no surprise that Bailey has the Republican endorsement for Mayor in 2020, and both Bailey and Gerbel were able to pick and choose whatever candidates they wanted to bestow the same advantage to for Council and School Board -- they chose School Board candidates Kenneth Michael Canada and Stacey Keszei (both whom signed the petition opposing the CUSD anti-racism action plan), and City Council candidate John Duncan, to receive Republican endorsements. Soon residents may see these Republican endorsed candidates featured on door hangers, mailers and robocalls as we approach the Nov. 3 general election.

If we want to get this town back to a focus on local, nonpartisan elections, the only way to accomplish this is for candidates not to seek partisan endorsements, and for residents not to vote for candidates who have sought partisan endorsements. I urge Coronado residents to vote for City Council and School Board candidates in 2020 who have not sought partisan endorsements.

Click here and sign the petition to keep Coronado elections nonpartisan!

Most sincerely

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