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It Sure Is Tricky Getting Answers

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Posted: Friday, July 12, 2019 5:14 pm

It seems to me that AT&T and everything involved with “small cell” towers (the current 4G already installed and the 5G upcoming rollout) is secretive . . . at best, the answers to questions asked are vague or pure avoidance. Here are a few examples to support my statement.

At the June 4 Council Meeting, AT&T’s Kevin McGee and Dr. Jonathan Kramer, the City’s Telecom Attorney, were invited to speak and answer any questions the residents might have. Mayor Bailey wrote down the questions and answered them at the end of the presentations. My question: “On the proposal for the four new WCFs, it mentioned that in five years someone will reevaluate the impact of the facility on the adjacent properties. Exactly what does ‘impact on the adjacent properties’ mean?”

Mayor Bailey’s answer: “I never saw that anywhere.”

June 5, I sent him an email saying “Here’s the paperwork from the 04.23.19 Planning Commission Agenda packet, page 13, last paragraph: Administrative Special Use Permit Term.” (I included a JPG of the document). “Now that you’ve seen it, can you get me an answer on what was meant by ‘impact of the facility on the adjacent properties’?” Mayor Bailey responded in just thirteen minutes, but no answer was given. Instead, he wrote “I know the entire council is interested in these answers as well so I am copying our City Manager Blair King so he can help facilitate a response from Dr. Kramer.” 

June 6, I received an email from City Manager Blair King with the City Staff’s response: “This term is used in Administrative Policy 29, #11. As described above, the facility would be evaluated to ensure it continues to comply with permit conditions, has been well maintained (camouflaging remains in good condition, no loose/hanging wires, free of graffiti, etc.), and to consider whether the facility could be replaced with a more modern facility that is smaller and/or less visible.” Still no answer.

That same day, I responded: “This response implies maintenance on the facility . . . checking on the WCF to see if it is visually in order. That does not answer my question of the terminology specified. The phrase used in the Administrative Special Use Permit was ‘impact of the facility on adjacent properties’ so it was not discussing maintenance of the facility, it was discussing ‘impact on the adjacent properties’. How are these facilities expected to impact the adjacent properties and in what ways? Does this include the health of residents (including children and pets) living on those properties? Or are no expectations set, only a wait-and-see policy to discover what possible harm the 4G/5G inflicts on the families? Inflicts meaning ‘to cause (something unpleasant or painful) to be suffered by someone or something’. I would appreciate another email from you, detailing the impact on the adjacent properties and the families living on them.” Tick tock, no answer.

On June 27, I wrote another email to Blair King stating it had been three weeks and I had not received an answer to my question. I asked that he please respond.

At that same June 4 Council Meeting, it was asked if Kevin McGee, AT&T Mobility Area Manager for New Site Builds in San Diego/Los Angeles/Hawaii, could give his email if there were more questions. He hesitated briefly and gave an email. I wrote him on June 21 to ask him what the installation dates were on the Macro and Micro towers in Coronado (since I just learned about them about two months ago). After no response, I wrote him again on June 27 and immediately received an automated out-of-office email from Richard Porras. That explains the hesitation and email that didn’t match Kevin McGee’s name. Mr. Porras will be out of the office from June 25-29. Tick tock, no answer.

At the May 21 Council Meeting, I spoke in the public comment section about keeping Coronado a historic hide-away to escape the 4G/5G “small cell” towers being erected all over California. I gave several meter readings I had taken around Coronado. The EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) Meter reading I took at the cell antenna at Marina Avenue and Alameda Blvd registered 10.597 (off the scale for dangerous radiation). A safe reading is 0.003 for infants and children and the Alameda/Marina reading was 3,333 times that amount. Susan Brinchman, Director of the Center for Electrosmog Prevention states that “This microwave radiation does not occur in nature, it is manmade and we have not evolved to handle it. Not the same as sunshine, or any naturally occurring radiation. It is toxic to our bodies and cells.”

My readings seemed to concern Mayor Bailey and he said he would get meter readings by the next Council Meeting. A resident gave him two names of RF Metering Professionals but apparently there was no follow-up.

It was disclosed at the June 4 Council Meeting that no professional meter readings had been done. Mayor Bailey asked Kevin McGee, AT&T Mobility Area Manager for New Site Builds in San Diego/Los Angeles/Hawaii, if he could do the readings and he said yes. This seems like a conflict of interest, like asking the fox to count the hens in the henhouse. Would the data be reliable? I have heard of no professional meter readings to date. Tick tock, no answer.

I took a few readings of my own. The “small cell” at Alameda and Marina is now measuring 43.849. Coronado Beach Resort (across from the Hotel Del) measures 105.1. The Fire Station tower measures 129 and is radiating to the high school and public library. Drive by and check out this tower. I was amazed that this Macro tower was sitting beside the Station with an abundance of canisters level with where our Firefighters sleep. Does Coronado Council and City Staff not have a responsibility for our First Responders? Rite Aid measured a whopping 252 and is radiating in all directions including down the block in both directions and across the street. You’ll want to avoid that section of the parade route this year or any year in the future. According to Susan Brinchman, “The numbers in Coronado are about 50K to a 100K times higher than in a Ramona suburban neighborhood with no cell towers in the direct vicinity, even with smart meters and neighbors with wifi.”

We all need the answers to these questions. Dr. Kramer originally stated that approximately 790 “small cells” will be going in all over Coronado. He pulled that back to “in excess of 100” but once four or five cell companies come in, I believe 790 is the accurate number. And 790 is “in excess of 100” new “smart cells”. With so many of these going in approximately every 300’, you will be an “adjacent property” and will want to know the impact on your family. We need to know when these towers were installed without any of us having a clue what was going on. We need professional radiation readers to tell us if these numbers are safe for the community to endure and especially the children. Learn more and join in the discussion on Facebook: Stop 5G Coronado Now. Tick tock Coronado.

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  • PreventElectrosmog posted at 3:35 pm on Mon, Jul 15, 2019.

    PreventElectrosmog Posts: 3

    I recommend to Jentara that you move and if in a lease, get out of the lease ASAP (quickly) due to the hazards. Trying to fight this legally is likely a long and losing battle. You can get the city of San Diego, which issued the permit, to tell you more about the transmitter. It doesn't matter if it is 4G or 5G or any G (stands for "generation") that is dangerous. Being that close to any cellular antenna is. You can buy a meter and measure it yourself, if you wish. Recommend the Cornet Electrosmog 88TPlus meter from, which measures up to 8 GHz gigahertz). Safer levels should be 0.003 mW/m2. We are in this position because the telecoms and Congress got together in 1996 and cooked up a bad law and flawed safety guidelines from the FCC we've been under ever since. Like having the tobacco industry regulate nicotine exposures. You can also look up the antenna (as can anyone with many (not all) antennas at Enter your address to see the cell towers and antennas near you. I used that to find a safer community to live in. But now with the 5G plan to have small cells up and down all our streets, that is becoming more difficult.

  • Jentara posted at 3:18 pm on Mon, Jul 15, 2019.

    Jentara Posts: 1

    I currently live in downtown SD on a loft. There is a large skylight in my workspace directly over my head. Right next to the skylight is a 5G (transmitter?) It is approximately 10 feet from my head. We were never notified of this installation and the management company wont even a knowledge it's there! I tried to call ATT but they wint say anything (or they hang up) I really need help with finding I fo and/or find a lawyer locally that can help me. Is there anyone out there?

  • PreventElectrosmog posted at 2:52 pm on Mon, Jul 15, 2019.

    PreventElectrosmog Posts: 3

    No one will give you answers because they don't want to admit: 1. The levels of rf radiation are already extremely hazardous - guaranteed to produce cancers and more, and they'll be increased by the 4G/5G small cells plan. 2. No one will be checking ahead of time or any time afterward to determine if the levels are "safe". They don't want the liability. Great article, Susan! Until people in Coronado wake up, as you have, to the realities of what your town government has subjected you to already, and what the wireless antennas and cell towers are already doing to your community, it will only get worse. For more info