I was completely appalled when I read Mayor Bailey is spearheading the campaign to re-open the Coronado beaches sooner than later. As a leader of the community, it’s incredibly irresponsible for him to brush aside the state-issued stay-at-home order and put several lives, as well as the community at large, at risk.

It’s understandable that we all want to get back to our jobs and the freedom to go back out in public, but all the progress we’ve made as a state with flattening the curve will all be for naught if we allow the virus to spread just because of the more selfish among us who can’t be bothered to follow the rules. Sorry to break it to you, but surfing isn’t an essential service. To re-open the beaches invites all of San Diego to flock to Coronado, leaving their homes and canceling out the quarantine. As of April 21, Coronavirus cases in San Diego County were at 2,434 confirmed cases, and 87 total deaths so far.

With Mayor Bailey running for re-election in November, he’s the leading candidate for the coveted Funeral Directors of San Diego endorsement.

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