I’ve been fortunate to know these two wonderful guys for a lo-o-ong time. Thirty-five years in Mike’s case, when we were both members of the Coronado Active 20-30 Club in the mid 80s, and about 30 years with Casey when he was playing Little League and I was coaching another team.

So it was my pleasure to write letters of support for each when they made their initial runs for city council and also later for Casey as he ran for mayor. Those letters were easy to write as I had long since recognized them as individuals whose only agenda would be to do their flat-out best for the residents of Coronado without any flair whatsoever. That’s exactly what they have done, and I can guarantee you that’s what they will continue to do.

Casey and Mike are two guys I want in that foxhole with me when times get tough. They’ve more than earned my continued support, and I encourage you to give them yours in this upcoming election for city council.

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