Kudos to Chloe Youngberg for her article in last week’s Eagle and Journal. I don’t know her, but it would be a privilege to meet this well-spoken, compassionate and courageous woman.

My grandchildren have asked me several times about the BLM signs they’ve seen on Orange Avenue. One queried, “Grammie, don’t all lives matter?” And another asked, “Since when don’t black lives matter?” Great questions…out of the mouths of babes.

As Ms. Youngberg so eloquently wrote, the fact that people “take issue” with the violence and vicious rhetoric associated with many BLM protests doesn’t mean that these people are racist or that they think black lives don’t matter. It actually makes no sense to destroy the businesses and stores that are owned and frequented by the very people this group purports to support. Throwing bricks and spewing hatred tear apart communities and only detract from righteous issues and concerns.

The murder of George Floyd was awful; I don’t know anyone who doesn’t believe that after watching the videos shared by onlookers and by the police. But the current activities occurring in Seattle and New York and in Washington DC (to name a few) no longer have anything to do with Floyd. The push to defund the police, the frenzied smashing of historical monuments, the suspensions in the marketplace of dissenting thinkers -- reflect an intolerance that flies in the face of the tenets of our democracy. The freedom of speech and rule of law are two cornerstones upon which our country was created. The United States of America is a great country. And we should do all we can to make it better. Name calling, torching buildings and other destructive behaviors will never accomplish this goal. I support Ms. Youngberg’s shout- out for open and polite discussions resulting in the implementation of needed changes, and compassion for all victims.

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