We are writing in strong opposition to the dense housing proposed for the Smart & Final parking lot area.

In 2018 we made the decision to semi-retire and move to Coronado. The main reasons we moved here were for long term safety and lifestyle. We wanted to live in a safe community . The proposal for highly dense housing is not only hazardous for the residents but for the potential residents who would be living in these over crowded places.  

If you take into consideration all parties involved, please reconsider the ridiculous idea of packing this small safe neighborhood with crowded dense housing and further overcrowding streets which are already always over-filled with residents, employees at Sharp Coronado and the many visitors to the Island year-round.  

Moving forward we hope that you will consider the safety and welfare of all, and consider other options to more equitably distribute additional housing throughout Coronado, like, for instance, approving ADU’s which are currently almost impossible to get approved.


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With all due respect to Denise and Dr. Greg, I do not understand why more people living is Coronado is hazardous and unsafe. But I DO understand that our state has a problem with affordable housing so that our working and middle class residents are finding it increasingly difficult to find a place to live. In fact, when the authors call for us to consider the safety and welfare OF ALL, we should take our police and teacher and retail workers into account and give them a better chance to live in the wonderful and safe Coronado community in which they work. If that means turning Smart & Final into a mixed residential, commercial, and parking facility, I'm all for it. And I own a house a block from there!


Glenn Hopson

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