There’s nothing wrong with putting one’s faith in the collective conscious of the study of a historical figure, as do the Christians. What bothers me is when the Christian “right” politicians base policy decisions on their debatable beliefs. The Radical Right (as I like to call them) claim to love Jesus. They also love their guns. I doubt if their beloved savior would support the need for assault rifles, which are usually used for mass killings of innocent people. I think he would be more concerned with feeding the poor and healing the sick, but that involves programs that are considered by the Right to be “socialist.” As far as abortion rights, I guess it’s ok to invade foreign lands in the name of God, but not ok to terminate an unwanted zygote. Worshipping the higher power of your choice is allowed under the Constitution. When it comes to running the country thought, we should leave it up to the more practical minded.

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jim orourke

This does cut to the chase! Even 250 years ago the Founding Fathers knew that Church and State must be separated. The current extreme Christian right hate that concept. They want to bring their personal beliefs not only into the public square they want to impose their religious fantasies on the rest of us in the courts, legislatures and executive bodies. Their is an increasing nexus between Big Money, the Christian Right, Fox/OAN/NewsMax/talk radio, Republican politics, unrestricted gun rights, white nationalism and intolerance. The puppeteers behind much of this are "religious" organizations and people committed to funding dubious cause pious politicians such as Pence, Pompeo, most of the Republicans in the House and many in the Senate (fundamentalist frauds such as Cruz, Hawley, of course the least Christian human being in captivity, Trump. It's about money not souls. It is past time to remove the tax free status from all religions in our secular country.

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