A recent letter to the Eagle by Mr. Brad Gerbel (a well-known political operative, a member of the Central Committee of the Republican Party in San Diego, and Mayor Richard Bailey’s campaign manager) renewed the attacks on Trustee Antrim just a few short weeks after We The Parents Coronado (WTPC) and many others publicly urged the community to put away our swords and act like adults. In response to that I personally reached out to several members of WTPC asking to meet and converse civilly, but so far…crickets. Maybe those statements were just for the cameras. Furthermore, Gerbel simply rehashes stale information that is months old about the tortilla incident and once again uses a distorted view of the same to attack Trustee Antrim. Talk about a lack of civility.

All of this needs to be viewed through the lens being pushed by WTPC and others that there is no need for the program No Place For Hate (NPFH) because there is no hate or bullying in the CUSD. And yet, what does this letter do, but bully Trustee Antrim…yet again. From reading this letter it sure appears bullying is alive and well in Coronado and must still be addressed. If the members of WTPC do not like the way NPFH addresses hate and bullying, then why don’t they offer an alternative? In light of letters like this are they still claiming there is no hate or bullying?

Gerbel also asserts the Antrim is a “political opportunist” when all she did in contacting Luke Serna was her job as a trustee. I’ve read the text message exchange referenced by Gerbel and all I see is a trustee trying to get answers in the form of a statement from the primary offender. Furthermore, every trustee, the athletic director, and the police all knew Serna brought the tortillas into the gym by the time Antrim communicated with Serna. A full reading of the exchange shows Trustee Antrim wanted Serna’s statement to take the heat off the students. Gerbel’s assertion Serna and Antrim are friends is a red herring intended to influence you when the person who did make the most of this political opportunity was Gerbel’s own candidate, Mayor Richard Bailey. Bailey, presumably with Gerbel’s involvement, seized the moment to hold several press conferences commenting on the incident and the trustees’ response to the same, all immediately prior to announcing his candidacy for California’s 52nd Congressional District seat. Talk about opportunistic political timing.

Gerbel implies Trustee Antrim did something wrong by reaching out to Serna and by thoughtfully answering questions from the Union Tribune about the incident while completely ignoring the very real fact that Trustee Keszei admitted during the last board meeting she failed to comply with a valid California Public Records Act request despite signing a statement, under penalty of perjury, that she had turned over everything requested. Trustee Antrim turned over everything requested even though she knew it might be taken out of context and used against her, just as Gerbel has done.

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