I’m anxious for January 2021 to arrive, when I know I will see a dramatic and wonderful transformation at the White House.

A president who works for and leads the country for every American, not just his friends and supporters.

A president who jointly governs with a skilled vice-president who shares similar values and will also work toward improving the lives of all Americans.

A president who believes in “the buck stops here” and repudiates “I don’t take responsibility at all.”

A president who won’t consider instigating a coup and/or declaring martial order to retain his office.

A president who doesn’t lie every time he opens his mouth, rant, name call, and throw temper tantrums.

A president who will not ignore the devastating impact of 3,000 deaths each day from the coronavirus by heading off to a resort for a vacation of golfing and hosting superspreader parties.

A president whose vocabulary does not include the words hoax, disgraceful, deep state, fake news, and “I’m always the smartest guy in the room.”

A president who actually reads and understands briefings prepared for him, rather than watch TV, rant on Twitter, and play golf.

A president who puts country ahead of his own self interest.

A president who asks for and takes the advice of experts.

A president who doesn’t snuggle up to dictators and disparage our allies.

A president who appoints qualified people to positions of responsibility, not family and inexperienced friends.

A president who won’t consider pardoning corrupt politicians, people convicted of war crimes, and those who admit lying under oath.

A president who doesn’t hollow out federal agencies that address areas that are vital for the security and welfare of all Americans. Pandemic preparation, cybersecurity protection, Post Office election delivery standards, environmental protection, etc.

A president who actually uses facts and data, rather than phrase repetition, generalizations, and arm waving.

A president who doesn’t disrespect our military by calling war dead and POWs “losers” and “suckers.”

A president who wants to expand ease of voting to all eligible Americans, rather than suppress those who aren’t likely to vote for him.

A president who believes hatred, white supremacy, discrimination, and promoting violence against any group is unacceptable.

A president who is more concerned with doing the people’s business rather than garnering headlines for himself and taking credit for the accomplishments of others.

A president who acknowledges that America is good but not perfect, and needs to continue to improve (equality, health care coverage, etc.).

A president who won’t soak the taxpayer for $3 million every time he plays golf on private courses, instead of playing on military courses close to the White House where the total cost is $2,000. (Estimates are about $160 million has been spent for Trump’s golfing habit to-date, money that would be better spent on support for people suffering from the pandemic!)

A president who doesn’t fret publicly about the impact of low water pressure on his “perfect” hair.

Trump lost the election by a “landslide” (his definition), thus making him a “loser,” (his definition). Yes, he has done a few good things. But he and his enablers have damaged this country immeasurably, far outweighing any good. Come January, I look forward to no longer hearing about the loser, other than about prosecutions for criminal acts.

Hurry up and get here Jan. 20! Let the country begin to seriously address the coronavirus disaster that is Trump’s legacy and clean up the swamp that he created and nourished. By their example, may our new President and Vice-President lead us to a brighter future for all Americans.

Coronado, join me in welcoming 2021!

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