There’s a lot going on in the world beside the Covid-19 pandemic and the 2020 presidential election campaigns but you might not know it for all the coverage it gets in most of the liberal mainstream media. The demonstrations for racial justice still command a lot of attention but most of the focus is on the peaceful ones which liberal reporters tend to define as any activity that doesn’t amount to open warfare. In relatively placid San Diego County, the demonstrators have, to its credit, been relatively peaceful except for a violent weekend in La Mesa a few months ago. That’s not been the case in cities like Seattle, Portland, New York and Chicago to name just a few of the hotspots of violence.

Daily shootings and murders, mostly targeting Blacks, continue to set records in Chicago. Portland has endured more than two months of daily rioting and destruction. Much of downtown Portland and parts of other major cities remain boarded up, resulting in hundreds of millions in property damage, lost businesses and jobs, adding to the misery brought on by the pandemic. Crime rates are spiking dramatically upward in many major cities amid calls for defunding police and constraining their use of force. Yet, speakers at the Democrat convention are largely silent on these matters because this chaos and crime is occurring in cities run by Democrats and they don’t want to risk losing any votes.

But don’t expect GOP candidates to remain silent about what’s going on in many of America’s cities. Many polls are showing that it’s of great concern to potential voters who worry that their communities may be targeted next but remain silent out of fear. This concern may affect their voting choices even more than concerns over the economy, which is usually their number one concern. If so, they will likely vote for the party they feel can best restore order and respect for the law. In this regard, the performance of Democrat mayors and governors has given voters little reason to support Democrat candidates.

Studying the TV images of some of those “peaceful” demonstrations reveals people carrying signs reading “No Justice, No Peace!” This slogan seems to contradict the “peaceful” claim. Harassing officials outside their homes at night and disturbing the peace of neighborhoods is not peaceful by any rational definition. Blocking highways and threatening motorists is not peaceful, either. Attempting to blind policemen by aiming lasers at them also is not peaceful. I could go on, but you get the point. Justice cannot be obtained by actions that are inimical to peace and respect for laws.

In looking further at many of the images, one sees a number of protestors dressed in black and carrying shields bearing the letter “A,” which presumably stands for anarchy. Many of them are White. Many of the protestors in the crowds are, I’m sure, sincere in their sympathy for the cause of racial justice. They may join in the protests because they want to do something to show support and, with the pandemic ongoing, many have plenty of free time to do so. Their motives may be pure, but how much more do they really think can be accomplished by marching, shouting slogans and obstructing traffic? The time for attention-getting is long past and even peaceful demonstrations have now become counterproductive, especially as they risk turning violent. They may make the demonstrators feel virtuous, but they have long since served any constructive purpose.

Those who celebrate our cherished right to peacefully demonstrate need to acknowledge what is going on in some of our largest cities where agitators are provoking riots and attacks against police. It is naïve to believe that they are motivated by the cause of racial justice. Rather, they seek to gain power and change the very culture of America, by creating chaos and fear and by defunding and otherwise weakening law enforcement. It is no coincidence that this is occurring on the eve of a national election. To these agitators, the peaceful demonstrators are the “useful idiots,” as the Russian revolutionaries would have called them, who form the crowds which give birth to the mobs that want to break things while demanding instant change. They are enabled by wealthy, educated elites whom those earlier revolutionaries would have referred to as the “intelligentsia.” They purport to fight for minority rights and to claim to know what’s best for minorities but what they really seek is power.

That they have high-jacked a worthy movement should be highly offensive to minorities and to all who seek racial justice and harmony. That they seek to transform this nation into a socialist country where wealth and power is re-distributed, except, of course, for theirs, should offend all but the most radical left of American voters. And they could succeed unless Americans awaken to what’s going on in some of America’s once proud cities. If Democrat candidates won’t recognize this, much less condemn it, how can they be expected to deal with it if elected?

Dr. Kelly is a freelance writer and retired Navy Captain who commanded three San Diego-based ships and a personnel research and development center and taught ship handling, seamanship and navigation at Naval Base San Diego. He earned his doctorate in education at USD, taught graduate students and was a senior vice-president at Great American Bank. He has written over 1500 newspaper and journal articles and has been a regular contributor to the Eagle&Journal since 2001.

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