Thanks to your help, this is turning into more of a feel good story every day. We now have directed more than $10,000 in “Hero certificates” to five Coronado restaurants, (we recently added Tartines). We have hosted 40 wounded warriors and first responder/healthcare providers and each dinner included a 33% minimum gratuity for the restaurant and its employees. In addition, our Kids Who Care have led three separate deliveries, Christmas

Eve, New Years Eve, and last Friday, to the night shift at Sharp Coronado Hospital, serving 30 - 50 each time.

The responses from all the recipients have been heartwarming so we’re asking you to help us grow and keep helping our restaurants as long as we’re needed.

Now here is the real feel good part of the story. Retired teacher Nancy Ratcliffe, who started the Old Goats Kids Who Care as an offshoot of her Radical Rabbits, works tirelessly with two other Moms, Beth Elardo and Megan Parma, to coordinate the program. They, with the Kids, Jack, Grace, Madison, Brooklyn, Dominic, Kennedy, have hand written thank you notes to every host. In addition, Nancy has called every recipient to coordinate their dinner with the restaurant.

She has been brought to tears by some of the responses and long conversations. One ICU nurse said, “This means everything to me and my family right now,” while an amputee told Nancy someone thinking of him made his life worthwhile especially over the holidays.

We wish you good health and happiness in 2021. Thank you for all your support.

For more information on this program, email

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