A huge thank you to the Coronado community and others around the country for your great initial response to our Old Goats Kids Who Care “Host a hero - Help a Coronado Restaurant” campaign. The program will continue for as long as the restaurants and employees are under duress which will probably be well beyond the holidays. Thanks to your support, we have been able to expand our recipients to include wounded warriors, healthcare workers, first responders, and young military families. 

We are still taking offers to host a hero and help a Coronado restaurant. For those interested, please email benhallowell@gmail.com with your name, contact information, and desired dollar amount ($80 - $120 suggested). Important to note, a 25% tip to restaurant employee is included in this total.

We would like to recognize those who have volunteered to host a hero to date: the Holleneders, Mike Donovan, the Lowrys, Marvin Heinze, the Linnells, Mike Woiwode, Linda L. Austin, Bill Sandke, Bob Eddy, Jennifer Town, Sam Ward, Casey Tanaka, Heidi Iverson, Linda Charles, Terry Farrelly, Vicki Fisk, Harris Sperling, Wayne Vinje, Joe Tranchini, Wick Parcells, the Parishes, Polly Morelli (Christmas present for husband), John Nolan, Jennifer Coffin, the Coreys, Danny Musselman, Bob Byrne, Al Lansdowne, Howie Berkowitz, Jim Maxfield, the Elardos, John Michalski, Angelo Karampalas, Nancy Ratcliffe, Ron Hinkel, Henry Mauz, Nita Rohr, the Parmas, Douglas Johnston, Jack Greenhalgh, the Hallowells Bob Fraser, and the Schroeders.

Way to join together Coronado and thank you!

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