Eagle Scout Court of Honor, Coronado Scout Troop 801, on the flight deck of the museum ship USS Midway, Saturday 22 August.  John Cook-16, Roman Goodmanson-14, Sean Michael Marsh-18, Aidan Sardiello-17.

Every American should experience one of these celebrations. Especially now, in the face of disease, economic disaster, attacks on the U.S. Postal Service, catastrophic fires, and who knows what’s next.

This was my second beautiful ceremony, for a second son in the same wonderful young Marsh family. Flags flying, Mayor Bailey speaking, proud relatives and friends cheering and marveling at the printed program listing as many as 40 merit badges earned per Eagle--the perfect antidote for the current events of this year.

The program information reminded us that there have been 2.5 million Eagles since 1912. 5,534 in California and 61,353 nationwide in year 2019. 39 of the present NASA astronauts are Eagle Scouts.  11.9% of the Naval Academy Midshipmen are Eagle Scouts; 10.1% Air Force Academy, 20.2% West Point, 33% of the present U.S. Congress. Some of the very best our country has to offer.

The Coronado retired Navy Flag officer I know who is an Eagle is George Lanman, but there surely are many more. We should make a list, because if all else fails, and who knows what will happen between now and November, those are the citizens we can count on to do what’s right and get us through.

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