A week ago, referring to the rolling wave of race-baiting unrest that has afflicted cities from Seattle to Louisville, President Trump was quoted as saying words to the effect that the suburbs were next.

Coronado is a suburb. Next is now.

Ten days ago, a Coronado home was vandalized with a chalked BLM slogan, and two signs promoting the reelection of President Trump were stolen. The homeowner, in the heart of the Village, is a lifetime resident of Coronado, and opted not to report the incident to police to avoid tarnishing Coronado’s image as an island of serenity isolated from the turmoil buffeting other parts of the United States; and in the additional hope that this relatively minor delinquent act was an aberrant act that would not be repeated. He has fenced his yard and hopes the incident is behind him and Coronado.

Additionally, but reluctantly at my insistence, he green-lighted this letter to the Eagle Journal, accompanying it in accordance with professional standards of journalism with the necessary personal/contact details to permit the EJ to verify the incident while preserving the identity and anonymity of the victim, to avoid reprisal.

Intolerance is unwelcome in Coronado.

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