No group is more proactive and enthusiastic than our Cultural Arts Commission, but the rest of us need to keep an eye on them. If set free they would joyously cover every bare spot on the island with statues and banners and murals, fill the civic calendar with events, and clog the streets with more visitors.

Lately they are seriously discussing a Performing Arts Center, at the Ferry Landing! Described as a “mini shell” like the big one just across the bay which blasts sound decibels that rattle Coronado windows. Placed on the very location a serious group has been working to preserve as a beautiful open space where Coronado residents enjoy easy access to the bay shore. Oh no!

The Arts leadership is so into their big ideas they forget that proper urban planning is also an art form. Anything big and loud attracting crowds and cars to the Coronado waterfront is terrible urban planning.

If indeed a Performing Arts Center is something we should have, I suggest a sensible location would be that big hunk of green golf course on the right, starting over the bridge. The golf course, a mile long and very wide, could spare a couple of acres But does Coronado really need any venue designed to bring more traffic and pollution? The much-loved Concerts in the Park are for us. The very nice high school auditorium is under-utilized. The Winn Room is being rehabbed. The Nautilus Room and Spreckels Center have open dates. Lambs Theater and the Coronado Playhouse are reopening.

Readers who agree our island is in danger of being smothered, please email the City Council Guys--go to the City Website. I trust they are monitoring this issue, but elected officials always like to get voter input.

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