Several golf courses in San Diego County have closed over the past several years because water has become too expensive. The city of Coronado is proposing to build a water recycling plant that would supply water for the golf course for years to come.

In recent history, the State of California has told golf courses that they cannot use potable water on golf courses. This happens in times of water shortages. As global warming becomes more of a factor, this could happen more often and perhaps even permanently. If this happens, obviously, the golf course in Coronado without water would have to shut down.

The good news is that in 2017, due to several unique circumstances, including a prior agreement in 1957 with Cal-Am’s predecessor to use recycled water to irrigate the golf course, Cal-Am and Coronado entered into a settlement agreement that allows Coronado to use recycled water on its golf course without compensating Cal-Am. This agreement applies only to recycled water.

Building a water recycling system for the golf course is an expensive project. The alternative is to close the golf course which will provide several acres for the 1000 housing units that the city of Coronado may be required to build. After building the 1000 housing units, the city could also build some low-income housing units which are needed in the county. The city could also increase its tax base by continuing to build condominium projects and apartments on the land. I’m not sure this is what most Coronado residents would like.

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