The founders of Coronado in the 19th century envisioned a grand hotel on a beautiful ocean beach. They laid out the streets to enhance that vision; a wide straight avenue from the ferry landing to Tenth Street where the avenue would curve left to the hotel and an equally wide avenue to the right, named Isabella after one of the founder’s wives, leading to the Pacific Ocean beach.

In the latter part of the 20th century much of the 1000 block of the wide roadway was designated for parking for the many businesses that had developed in the area around Tenth and Orange. It was decided that the 1100 block of Isabella should remain as originally designed, allowing a grand view as one approaches the Pacific Ocean with Pt. Loma in view, the most southwestern portion of the continental United States. That decision remains valid. A parking design as used on the 1000 block would be short sighted.

Beyond the loss of the founder’s inspired design, documented loss of property value of 20 homes located there, the degraded ingress/egress capabilities for the residents, the increased risk to parking passengers, especially those with eager children going to the beach, getting to the adjacent sidewalk over a traffic lane are of great concern.

Car parking, of course, must be addressed. Diagonal parking along the curb might be acceptable without encountering the above stated issues. Diagonal parking around Star Park Circle, note Bay Circle Park with two-way traffic and parking, and the large area of vacant blacktop at Ocean and Marina are possibilities.

Finally, regarding the Ocean Boulevard sidewalk which most would consider somewhat narrow for the location. Are any Coronadans actually complaining about it and who are willing to spend 2.5 million dollars for the results proposed?

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