1) The days when knee-jerk shrieks of “racism!” will work as the go-to, one-size-fits-all, condemnation to silence those who disagree on public policy are over. Falsely condemning people as racists is “angry, abusive behavior.” Stop It.  

2) Concocting lies to parents about the absence of racialist, identity-based, social justice political indoctrination in public schools by deceptively cloaking them in deceitful terms like “anti-bullying, diversity, inclusion, equity, and social-emotional learning” is destroying community trust in our public schools. “Kind and considerate” people don’t do this. Stop It. 

3) Dividing Americans, particularly K-12 public school students, into artificial identity groups so as to treat groups differently to realize Equity is anti-American. Equity is the buzzword “bullies and rabid fanatics” employ to get their way. Stop It.

4) American parents now demand emphasis on academic achievement and competitive excellence, local control of their children’s education, transparency and honesty about public schools. Do As They Ask.

5) Never accept news reports of racist incidents at face value. Political dirty-tricksters stage incidents that confirm their preferred narrative. Claims without evidence are claims, not facts.  Accept No Claims Without Evidence. 

Those who fail to learn the above lessons should expect to join Mr. McAuliffe in the unemployment line as soon as local elections and contract provisions permit. It will be done, as it was in Virginia, with steely-eyed determination by parents and taxpayers focused on far more responsible public behavior than those who continue to howl “racist!”. 

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Demand Antrim's resignation to stop the race baiting.

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