As one of the student authors of the petition for Coronado Schools to Address Racism, I take issue with Mr. Canada’s numerous false statements in the Candidates Forum in the Oct. 14 Coronado Eagle & Journal. Mr. Canada claimed the original petition has been modified - this is simply not true. The original petition has zero modifications to its call to condemn racism, use appropriate terminologies and theories to discuss race, discuss current events related to class material, acknowledge multiple perspectives, and encourage students to learn about their own biases. contrary to Mr. Canada’s claims, this petition never demanded to “reengineer student curriculum” or engage in unlawful hiring practices. Furthermore, this petition garnered over 4,600 signatures from Coronado students, alumni and community members supporting the desire for Coronado schools to address racism. Mr. Canada should not misrepresent the content of the original petition to justify his support of the counter petition.

As a high school student, I know I need to fact-check claims and verify sources. If Mr. Canada wants to represent our community on the Coronado School Board, I suggest he learn to do the same.

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