Every Wednesday, I eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Coronado Eagle & Journal so that I can read the political commentary in the Letters & Commentary section. I am a Conservative and Trump supporter and always look forward to hearing and considering any opposing arguments.

Unfortunately, the “Left” always offers conclusions based upon emotions devoid of facts. I have written many letters to the subject section stating conclusions, always supported by facts and/or references for facts. I learned long ago, primarily in law school, that valid debates/discussions cannot begin and/or be limited to conclusions. At some point, reasoned and unemotional facts must be inserted in the process, but pure emotion should never be a substitute for valid facts.

If writers to the subject section desire to convince others of their arguments and positions, I offer the following equation: (Facts x Reason) – Emotions = Conclusions. Additionally, I suggest that when one uses the words “Nazi,” Fascist,” “Dictator,” “Racist,” “Xenophobe,” etc. when referring to anyone, that the user research the word definition (fact), insert it into the equation, remove all emotion, and then reach a conclusion.

I’ll paraphrase a recent example. A talking head and a contributor on an MSM outlet recently said that Bloomberg could have given every person in America $1M instead of spending $500M on his campaign. Of course, since the U.S. population is about 320M, that equates to about $1.50 per person vice $1M! Emotion, not facts, generated this ridiculous conclusion. To make matters more ludicrous, the “contributor” was a Black female who then attributed any criticism to this gross “mistake” on racism!

When all else fails, play the race card and identity politics!

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