As a sop to the teachers’ unions, the authorities have closed the schools for an indefinite period. So they dispensed with the covid non contagious, non sick kids and their parents, and indulged adults and their ancillaries who have definitely shown themselves not to be educators, dedicated, or professionals. There is ample evidence that remote learning methods are very difficult to administer and don’t work either. What would we say if true Professionals such as our medical people took such a position? One might dream that regular Americans will find ways around this and realize that they can educate their kids anyway.

Doubling down on stupid and absurd rules reign unchecked. The obliteration of legions of entrepreneurs and small business people continues. In the absence of a cure or vaccine we should hope for the herd immunity reflected in the greatly increasing numbers of seropositive people. Seemingly, authorities are more worried about a lab test rather than actual illness, which is akin to shutting down restaurants because of excessively high cholesterol, a known risk factor for earlier death. There are lots of other examples but I hate to give them any ideas. This year COVID-19 deaths, if the data are reliable, have comprised 1.4 mostly already very infirm people per 10,000 in San Diego County--if you are a victim 100% but a miniscule number.

With the warmth of summer, instead of inhibiting institutions and social intercourse we should be doing the precise opposite: Encourage exposure and immunity in the overwhelming majority who will suffer no or minimal symptoms in a season when the more vulnerable are much less susceptible and as well can protect themselves.

As to our hope for a vaccine, the mildly reliable yearly flu shot is still the result of educated guesses by experts and should be regarded as better than nothing. There is still no vaccine for the common cold or for dreaded diseases like HIV, EBOLA, and many others. And keep in mind that a hastily developed live attenuated vaccine for the 1976 swine flu caused in many another horrible disease, the Ascending Paralysis of Guillain-Barre. Look that one up. If a good vaccine arrives, great, but don’t count on it.

Encourage herd immunity. Right now for prevention, it’s all we got. Remember the adage, “Winter came, grandma caught a cold, grandma died.”

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