Once again a supporter of Democrat and liberal politicians has condescended to informed readers, that those who do not agree with his point of view are poorly educated, etc.

In a Dec. 9, 2020 commentary, John Sinton informed us that, “it is a statistical reality that his (President Donald Trump) most adamant followers are less educated than the majority population that elected Joe Biden.” Sinton goes on to “speculate about other motives like racism, greed, misogyny, ethnocentricity, alienation and xenophobia, but among the most vehement, lack of education stands out.” Stands out to whom? Readers, if you dismissed the absurd audacity of Sinton to presume such knowledge as laughable, good. Haven’t we had enough hateful name calling, Mr. Sinton?

Mr. Sinton offered no source, or study to support his arrogant, salacious assertions. Might this be an example of privileged, white male superiority opinion? Does Mr. Sinton think if he merely states his biased opinion, readers must believe it true? Site your sources. Your opinion is not a source. Sinton’s commentary reminds me of the unmitigated nerve of Hillary Clinton declaring, those who did not support her candidacy as “a basket of deplorables.” Why do those who support Democrats and liberal government choose to be so officious, so insulting, and so disrespectful of those who do not agree with them?

Candidate, V.P. Joe Biden informed certain people of color that if they did not vote for him, they were not black. Really? Why don’t some Democrats believe black people are not smart enough to come to their own conclusions as to what form of government they want. Candidate Barak Obama dismissed those who did not support his vision as, “clinging to their guns and bibles.” Is valuing the bible really something to be mocked by Democrat leaders?

The irony spouted in the statements by Democrat and liberal candidates and those who support them seems to be sadly lost on them. Their words seem to belie their claims of how they embrace all people. Apparently if one did not attend a prestigious university, does not embrace anti-America dogma, eschew capitalism in favor of socialism, wish to defund the police, and also support lawless destruction of neighborhoods and communities by antifa-type groups, you are likely a pathetic uneducated fool.

The quality of public school education in many districts, of many states, has sadly declined. Civics, especially, seems to have been given short shrift recently. When is the importance of the Mayflower Compact studied? How many classroom hours are devoted to the meaning of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution? Why are public school students in the United States so far behind other nations in mathematics and the sciences? Most of our students do attend public schools. Our students need better educated teachers to teach them.

To deny that many public schools have failed to provide quality education is a disservice to those children who have no choice but to attend these failing schools. Parents in the District of Columbia and other poor performing school districts, stand in line for hours and sometimes days, to secure a place in charter schools because they want a better education for their children. These parents realize that they themselves may not have received a quality education, but want better for their children. Are they wrong? Who determined that these parents want a Bible-based education, Mr Sinton? Dismissing alternatives to public schools is short sighted, in my opinion. Yes, I will dare to say it; tenure, instead of rewards for quality teaching, is part of the problem with public schools. The teachers’ unions have too much power to retain ineffective and even predatory teachers on the education payrolls. Government stewarded schools seem to have failed both students and taxpayers.

Why didn’t the Obama/Biden administration support school choice the way they supported abortion choice? Choice is good for deciding to end a baby’s life, but not deciding a child’s primary and high school education? Why? Government has shut down on-campus classroom learning despite the admonitions of mental health experts. Michele and Barak Obama chose to send their girls to private schools. Democrat Governor Newsom, (who also chooses to send his own children to private school) is a science denier when he closes schools, playgrounds, and sports programs. Again, choices for me but not for thee.

Has any elected official in our legislature lost income due to Covid-19 lockdowns? How many parents have lost income to care for children who cannot attend on-campus schools? Governor Newsom wants to spend $8,000,000 for bill boards to remind us to wash our hands. How many computers would $8,000,000 buy for low and middle income school children; children who’s parents have lost their jobs due to government directed shut-downs. In my opinion, government stewarding of my taxes is misdirected. What’s yours?


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