Coronado online groups have emerged over the years on social media and have become good resources for announcements and information on community events. They have also become a place for debates and discussions on current topics to include local elections.

Sometimes debates can get heated when differing viewpoints come together, and it is all too easy for an argument to overshadow basic rules of decency. Like many living in Coronado, I have strong social and political views and am defensive of friends and like-minded people. We must always be vigilant that our views and passions do not overwhelm our personal honor or the right we all have to live in a community of mutual respect and free from harassment.

This year’s political season has brought out shocking behavior and all new lows on a number of local online sites. A few individuals have been conducting smear campaigns and personal attacks on our Mayor, candidates for local office, and other individuals in our community. The nature of these online assaults on character has become toxic and disgusting, moving far away from debates on issues and towards what appears to be a campaign to destroy reputations and ruin lives. We have already seen a few accusations proven to be 100% false and nothing more than mean spirited.

The individuals engaging in this behavior seem to forget they are talking about their neighbors and people they walk by every day on the streets. Enough is enough. If you see someone’s personal reputation attacked online or in the local paper my advice is this: Don’t believe it, ignore it, and remember who made the accusation. Chances are if they smear someone in your neighborhood, they will have zero problem coming after you.


VOL. 112, NO. 44 - Nov. 2, 2022

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It will never cease to amaze me that the same people who hurled vitriol at our school board for nearly 2 years are the ones clutching pearls when they get a tiny taste of their own medicine in return.

I'm troubled that your letter has a retaliatory note at the end. Does that really send the message of community and respect that you want?


Hmm, you're OK with "tiny tastes of their own medicine," being dishedout (and you KNOW the author "hurled vitriol at the school board for nearly two years), but then you "clutch" your own "pearls" at the idea some might want to take note of who called their neighbors and friends "liars," "book banners," and "unqualified" because of the church they attend. Seems a little inconsistent.


It is clear that WTPC and its allies are eager to dish it out but sport glass jaws when their opponents go on the attack, very much like Trump. Bullies who then play victim when called out. The midterm elections showed that people are tired of it! Hopefully the community was paying attention. Were you?

Chris Pratt (Not the famous Pratt)

Being new to the community, I've asked around about the We The Parents group. I've heard mixed reviews and they definitely seem to go along political lines. However, if I were to pick a side, the parents group is against this non academics in school and protecting kids from CRT and all the other ideologies being pushed by progressives. With the nuttiness going on at the NEA, I don't blame them for holding firm and challenging the schools.

Their biggest concern was this basketball event and how the current board used kids as a tool to push an agenda. I also heard that the tortilla throwing was a set up. I would have never guessed such intrigue was going on here. Also, why are some folks still being held hostage by Trump?

Another question, does this Brian guy run around town snapping pictures of folks? That seems strange and a bit unsettling.


Mr Pratt, I've read a few of your comments and it's clear you subscribe to the fringe who believes CRT is a problem in public schools and "wokeism" is fascism. It is natural you would support candidates who share these views. The majority of parents do not buy into these lies and do not want WTPC anywhere near the school board. How many even have kids who are currently enrolled? I believe that number hovers near zero. No thanks.


I believe that number is actually three children currently enrolled (plus one 2022 CHS graduate).

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