Who asked the company to do this?

I am old enough to have lived back when daily life was not so convenient. When households, if affluent enough, had no more than 1 car, 1 telephone, and 1 radio. No residential air conditioning, no automatic washer or dryer, no dishwasher, and most certainly no garbage disposal.

Everyone did have at least one fly swatter. Even in Coronado. Because all the alleys were lined with nasty smelling garbage (what EDCO calls “food” waste) cans out there for weekly collection, drawing insects and critters. Possums, skunks, rats, roving canines, black flies, and cockroaches. At least, unlike now, back in that day there were no houses fronting on the alleys. Just garages and waste containers.

In a cheery six-page brochure EDCO announces a return to that condition. Calling the procedure “Organics Recycling,” every household is expected to willingly collect 7 days of food waste in the kitchen, to be set out for collection so EDCO can turn it into natural gas and organic fertilizer. They will provide suitable containers free for the asking. Presumably we who are dealing with all that extra effort and rotting goo in our homes are to feel so proud of ourselves. Just imagine how the trouble could double when for some reason, which occasionally happens, collection is delayed a week.

I have long suspected that waste management company executives in the course of their work lose their sense of smell. No they appear to have lost their sense of the ridiculous.

Back in the day civilization was plagued with diseases of filth like cholera and typhoid caused by poor management of trash, garbage, and sewage. I am saying the gestapo will have to come to my kitchen and tear out my disposal before I will cease safely, conveniently, and hygienically scraping dinner plates right into the sink. Before I will ever put a can of raw garbage in the alley.

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