Good Morning Mayor Bailey,

My name is Laurie Leonard. I am a resident here in Coronado. I am a retired, healthy 62 year old woman. I am healthy, I believe, because I walk the Coronado beach end to end and back everyday. Last year I walked over a thousand miles on the beach. I swim and body surf as well. I have had a diagnosis of Dysthymic Disorder with major depressive episodes for well over 30 years. For the first time, my depression is actually in remission. My doctors tell me that the best thing I could have done for my health besides quitting smoking 20 years ago, was to faithfully follow my structured lifestyle of the beach, sun and healthy eating. It has changed my life.

This beach closure thing has got to be the biggest over reach in the history of government power grabs. The pearl clutchers of the world have once again won out over reason. Domestic violence calls are way up, prescriptions for anti anxiety meds are up 35 percent. Yesterday we had a successful jumper. Some people are just now realizing they are in fact married and have children. I can only imagine the rate of binge drinking that goes along with binge watching. The cure is in fact, worse than the problem. I believe we are still in lock down because they can’t get the testing rolled out. Google Santa Clarita and L.A. serology studies. When you factor in the data, the mortality rate as well as the infection rate drops dramatically. What would it be if we could all have the antibody testing to see how many of us have in fact been exposed and never got sick?

Mayor Bailey, life is full of risks. I am willing to take the risk of talking to people on the beach who won’t follow the rules if you would be willing to take the risk and tell the pearl clutching, we know what’s best for everyone, people; life is not one size fits all. Let’s take care of our vulnerable people, be left alone to live as the responsible, caring people most of us are. Let’s get about the business of living the way my parents taught me to live. Without fear, grateful to be an American and always be aware of those who need a hand, extending that hand, even when no one is looking.

Stand up for sanity and common sense, please Mayor Bailey. Before insanity becomes the norm.

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