Sounds familiar no? Still persists the obstinate denial by some (without serious scientific backing) that use of masks, along with other preventive measures has definitely reduced the incidence of new cases and mortality in regions of the world where they have been effectively implemented. We are happy to see now in U.S. a gradual decline in the prevalence of Covid 19 cases in some States where those measures have been in place such as New York and California in contrast to States where they have been mostly ignored or not supported by their leaders (Iowa, Florida, Oklahoma among others).

A recent New England Journal of Medicine (DOI:10. 1056/NEJMp2026913 I September 8, 2020) reviews the current supportive information and adds suggestions of additional protective effects of masks by favoring the development of some degree of immunity due to their effect of limiting the exposure to a large viral load.

Hopefully our Coronado community will continue following the recommendations of our State and National Health leaders on this issue.

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