Good thing we have the Coronado Community TV Station Channel 19 rolling 24/7 with the latest civic announcements and meetings. Makes it convenient for residents to keep advised. Just drop in for a few minutes any time.

I chanced to catch part of a meeting of a group called “Discover  Coronado,” recorded May 2, talking enthusiastically about “repositioning Orange Avenue” to be more attractive to visitors, developing online travel ads directed at more drive-in tourists, and backing off marketing for group meetings.

Do what?? We clearly have one of the most charming American main streets ever! And didn’t we recently see our City Council, reacting to the concerns of Village citizens, move to cancel the “Ya’ll Come” type tourism ads in favor of encouraging convention-oriented group events. The former attendees drive in, creating more traffic. The latter fly in, walk about the town, and apparently spend more money.

“Discover Coronado” was enthusiastically planning a special meeting at the Loews to develop those odious concepts. Folks, we need to stay alert. Remind them of our unofficial Islanders’ motto: Residents First.

Because boiling it down to plain capital investment, together we residential property owners in the Village far out distance the commercial segment in pure dollar value. Excepting a few convenience stores, service outlets, restaurants and professional offices, and the old Hotel del of course, we could get along very well without most of them.

Permit this island to evolve into a sort of amusement park--allow new comers to attack the freedom sounds of 130 years of Navy tradition--let that happen and we lose the flavor and charm and pure joy of just being Coronado.

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