We are fortunate to be the parents of a beautiful, 4 year old Border Collie! We’ve had dogs for many years and can’t imagine our home without a Pup. We appreciate Dog Beach and the Cays Dog Park and the “canine loving” personality of the Island.

We’ve noticed a growing disregard for the rule that dogs are not allowed on the beach. Of course, we’re not talking Dog Beach… we’re talking about the rest of the beach.

Visitors repeatedly ignore the fact that dogs are not allowed on the beach, and what’s most frustrating is to watch lifeguards (and sometimes police) patrolling the beach and driving right past them, not saying a word, time and time again! The dogs are pooping and peeing on the beach and these visitors are enjoying walks and photo ops on the beach with their pups while us who call this place home, who respect the law, battle the crowds along the concrete promenade.

What’s going on?

Let’s please enforce the rule permanently and consistently! Give us a hotline to report offenders. Create more obvious, image-based signage to strongly inform visitors, rather than the “thousand character legal signs” that no one can read. Or open the whole beach for all of our dogs! The way it is now, the only people who enjoy the full expanse of the beach with their dogs are the inconsiderate and disrespectful.

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Couple of thoughts. I have not noticed this on the "ocean" beaches, but I have certainly noticed it on the bay" beaches and small grass areas around the concrete "Bikeway". I would not go so far as to put it "all" on visitors. I see plenty of locals doing it too. My thoughts. There are no dog parks or dog areas along the bay. That is asking people to break the rules. The last thing we need id more "signs". The beauty of Coronado is easy to miss because of all the signs we have everywhere. Too many signs also dilute the message on the important ones as people won't/can't read all of them. It's about enforcement. If we don't want dogs on the beaches or in the parks, give out $1000 tickets; it will stop then... BTW, I would love to see Coronado allow dogs in parks as long as they are on a leash (again, with a hefty fine for them being off leash, or if the owner doesn't pick-up after their dog...).

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