The last two op-eds penned by J.F. Kelly, Jr. are, if nothing else, both amusing and amazing.

In the first, Kelly would have us give him a free pass for the last four years of op-eds penned in support of either Trump or his policies because Kelly claims he has been a Romney man all along. The amusing part is that Romney came out against Trump a year ago when Romney was the sole Republican Senator to vote to convict Trump and remove him from office, yet as far as I can see Kelly never jumped off the Trump train. The amazing part is Kelly thinks this proclamation of unwavering support for Romney wipes his slate clean. Sorry Mr. Kelly, but after four years of praising Trump or his policies almost weekly you need to not only profess your somewhat secret support for Romney, you need to apologize for even feigning support for Trump.

In the second, Kelly seems to acknowledge the insurrectionist attack on the Capitol Building was wrong and tragic, but then he also questions why Congress is proceeding to try Trump’s second impeachment because Trump has left the building. The amusing part of this is Kelly seems to suggest the U.S. will be better off by letting bygones be bygones and just forgetting Trump was impeached for his personal role in inciting the attack. The amazing part is, as a former commanding officer, Kelly seems to be suggesting we do not pursue justice for Brian Sticknick, the Capitol police officer who died while protecting the building and its occupants because doing so would be seen as seeking revenge against Trump and his administration. I wonder if Kelly would be singing the same tune if a junior officer had incited an insurrection of sailors against his command and failed. Would he see trying and convicting that junior officer as an act of revenge or as an act of well-deserved military justice?

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