Let’s do a comparison of what the country looked like when the MAGA policies were in effect and compare those with the current Build Back America Better (BBAB) Socialist policies.

MAGA had inflation at 1.4%, gasoline cost $2.50 a gallon, and the country was energy independent. Retirement plans and 401K programs were at their highest levels ever and growing at 10% to 15% annually. The economy was growing at 3%. The border was under control. Crime was low. The illegal drugs coming over the boarder were being addressed. Schools were not teaching that white people were oppressors and black people were victims. Black people had their highest employment rate ever. Jobs were coming back to America and more Americans were working. Home mortgage interest rates were in the 3% level. People were not losing their jobs just because they did not agree with Socialist policies. A COVID19 vaccine was developed in record time.

ISIS was destroyed. There was an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan in progress. Not one American in Afghanistan was killed during the last 18 months under MAGA. Russia was under control, and they did not try to take any more land after they took Crimea under the Obama/Biden administration. Iran was isolated. North Korea did not fire a single missile or conduct any tests. China was under control with tariffs.

Now let’s look at what the Democrat BBAB Socialist policies have done to America in just 19 months.

Inflation is at 8.5% and rising. The costs of gasoline is over $6 in many places. We are no longer energy independent and must buy it from countries that are hostile to America. America is a third world country with brown outs. The energy we buy is dirty. Retirement plans and 401K funds have dropped about 30%. That is a 40% difference from where it should be. Many retirees are having to go back to work. The economy has shrunk in the last two quarters which is a recession. The border is out of control. Four million people have entered the country illegally. Crime is very high. Illegal drugs are flowing over the border. Schools are teaching racist theories and inappropriate sex to children below the 3rd grade. The teachers’ unions have put our children two years behind where they should be. Fewer Americans are working. Mortgage rates are about 7% and will probably reach 10% soon. That will destroy the housing market. The government has been weaponized. Anyone who disagrees with their policies will be attacked and ruined.

ISIS is growing again. The Afghan withdrawal was a disaster killing 13 Americans. We left behind thousands of people who helped us and are now being murdered. Russia has attacked Ukraine because they sense a weak American government. Iran is moving toward obtaining a nuclear weapon. North Korea has started testing and firing missiles again. China is threatening Taiwan.

To put the record straight, even though they keep calling conservatives racists, Democrats created Jim Crow laws, segregated schools, started the KKK, and were the ones lynching Blacks. It was Republicans that passed the Civil Rights act. Democrats want unrestricted abortion right up to the moment of birth.

With which group would you like to be associated?

VOL. 112, NO. 44 - Nov. 2, 2022

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Why do you blame Biden for global inflation? I have not seen that behavior from the citizens of any other country, including Turkey where inflation currently stands at 300%.

jim orourke

Yada yada yada! I'll gladly take today's America over the increasingly fascist, seditious, un- Democratic, hate and division focused, white supremist, malevolent, deceitful, unhinged kleptocracy this is the essence of Trump world. No more kool-aid for you. Smell the coffee.

jim orourke

Biden is "not so great President". We live in a global economy where oil prices are set primarily by a cartel not the US. Supply chain issues, the pandemic, war in Ukraine and profligate spending by both parties have contributed to inflation and rise in interest rates. U S presidents can only effect "the margins." Our inflation rate is effected by the world economy but we are doing well compared to other countries. Trump has no interest or expertise in any of these issues. He is a clown, huckster, grifter, tyrant and mental case who cares nothing about true freedom and the lives of other people.


The reason for worldwide inflation and troubled economies is the misguided worldwide (except for China, India, Russia, etc.) transition-less attempt to switch from an oil-based economy to a so-called "green" economy. Europe, and now the US, are convinced you have to get rid of all coal, oil, gas, diesel, internal combustion trucks, tractors, cars, etc. for the "climate." They just haven't figured out how to feed, heat, grow, manufacture and transport goods, get people to their jobs, etc. without all of the things they want to ban. Having an idea how to do that before getting rid of the other stuff might have been a good idea. Doing it anyway makes everything more expensive, creates scarcity, and, ultimately, leads to instability. JMO.


To suggest that one policy decision is the cause of inflation is ridiculous. To compare the performance of a centrally planned and controlled economy like the PRC to "free market" economies illustrates a lack of basic understanding. Lastly the facts are, when comparing the inflation rate of Russia, India and the US one sees the US is bracketed by the other countries with Russia having a ~30% higher inflation rate and India has ~a 20% lower rate.


Thank you for always bringing facts and sanity to these discussions.


Talk about a "lack of basic understanding," what do you suppose I meant when I wrote "except China...?" Most would have surmised that they were being excluded from the comparison, but not our intrepid, nameless board troll. Gee, I wonder why Russia, also excepted, might have a higher inflation rate in the middle of a war they started and couldn't afford? Hmm. And India having a lower rate ...proves the point I'm making. Countries divorcing themselves from self-flagellating worries about carbon and climate are not self-inducing the inflationary pressures the US and Europe are. So let's follow Biden and Kerry and give billions of taxpayer dollars to unelected foreign governments as climate reparations for our evil progress that has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty but is causing every current storm, flood and famine (because we never had floods and famine until the evil, prosperous US came along!) Yay!


That is not the meaning your primary sentence conveyed to me or I suspect the average reader. The meaning your sentence conveyed was that because the three named countries, being either high users or in the case of Russia a significant producer of fossil fuels, are somehow immune to inflation. I was merely pointing our how wrong headed your rant was. Had I realized you were just repeating the nonsense you hear in the rightwing echo chamber and use any opportunity to name call and launch ad hominem attacks on those not holding your simplistic view I would not have bothered

If that offended you I apologize.

Mj baja

Thank you to the above Jim O Rourke for your comebacks. So right on. Wish there were more like you and Jon Stinton

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