It astounds me how McConnell and the Republicans are unwilling to pass a bill, which they already cut in half, that would help millions o people get on their feet, calling it “sweeping socialism,” when they’re more than happy building up the military. We haven’t won a war since World War II. The republicans don’t want to pay their fair share of taxes, but they want to tell the rest of us what to do with those that are collected. Delusion and hypocrisy run rampant in the GOP. It’s time to stand back and let the Democrats make this world a better place.

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Mimet the Wise

What's with these shills for Democrats clogging up the local news? You can't speak up as a conservative on any Coronado forum, online. You will get banned. These pro-Democrat submissions are patronizing and exhausting. Look out for the town, regardless of your political ideology. Stop selling out to corrupt politicians and praising them like they're goods people. They're not.

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