Recently, Governor Newsom and the California legislature earmarked $75 million in taxpayer funds to be paid out to undocumented immigrants now residing in California.

The Governor’s program states a “qualifying undocumented adult” may receive $500 in a one time payment with a maximum of $1,000 per household. Shortly after the program was launched, the Governor announced initiatives to cut state worker pay by 10% and prospective cuts to public schools.

I have lived in a number of states and seen some truly abusive practices, but I have never seen such a blatant misuse of taxpayer funds while a Governor proposes to pick the pockets of dedicated civil servants and loot the school system. This is clear political pandering to the so called “progressive” left by the Governor in order to garner support for his broader agenda and personal ambitions.

Everyone knows and understands the decades long failure of Republicans and Democrats to effectively reform the broken immigration system. Former President George W. Bush has repeatedly lamented the fact his Presidency failed to spend the needed political capital during his second term to secure immigration reform, a path to citizenship, a guest worker program, and other desperately needed measures to fix this problem. Presidents Obama and Clinton did little to redress these issues as well.

We must come to the realization immigration reform will not come unless voters demand it and we must vote out institutional politicians who flagrantly flout laws and abuse taxpayer trust.

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