On Monday afternoon, Nov. 8, 4 p.m., activists once again descended on Coronado High School and graffitied the sidewalks and the school building façade with the police taking no action.

Activists once again held signs with obscenities and drew Nazi swastikas and wrote that our students and parents are racists with the CUSD Administration taking no action. 

I imagine students and teachers were impacted negatively by the protestors with a bullhorn blasting inflammatory rhetoric calling our students racists. (I walked around the school and there were plenty of activities going on as well as students studying in the library across the street.)

Please do not continue to ignore the defamation, disturbing rhetoric, and spectacle that has occurred and was threatened to continue. Allowing swastikas to be written on school property with the idea that parents can later clean it off is wrong. Write the police and the Administration and ask them to protect our children and enforce basic decency. Please defend standards of decency and community less we become a place of “broken windows.”


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