Thank you. It has truly been an honor representing our city and community as mayor for the past four years.

Last week I was informed by our City Clerk that since no other candidate filed to run for mayor by the filing deadline, I will be running unopposed in November.

Representing the city you call “home” is truly a humbling experience, especially during challenging times like today.

While working together in a collaborative, data-driven, and steadfast manner, we accomplished a lot as a city council and community during the past four years.

From major historic accomplishments such as securing $300 million to address the Tijuana sewage issue, to lobbying the state for a permanent suicide barrier on the Coronado Bridge, to taking local control of Orange Ave, Third and Fourth streets, these achievements will forever shape the future of Coronado.

In addition to these major initiatives, we also tackled local issues to improve our community such as the unanimous approval of the Vons expansion into the old Cora-mart building, the unanimous approval to install accessibility mats at the beach so everyone can now enjoy the sand, enhancements to the entrance to the village, the medians in the Cays, and major changes for the Shores medians.

We also unanimously approved the refinancing of CDA bonds which improves the long-term financial situation of our Coronado Unified School District.

We did all of this while protecting the public’s safety, maintaining our city’s infrastructure, and balancing our budget.

There will undoubtedly be more challenging times ahead and big decisions to make. The complete financial strain on our city from the Covid-19 slowdown is unknown, the battle with SANDAG and the state over RHNA is just beginning, and the reimagining of the Orange Avenue business district is finally possible.

It is not lost on me that these are very divisive times with strong and passionate voices on all sides of every issue. I recognize that not everyone will agree with every decision of mine or the city council, but my commitment to the community is to continue making decisions in a nonpartisan manner based on all available information with a long-term outlook.

Through a continued commitment to collaborative, data-driven, and steadfast leadership, I am confident we will answer all challenges we face with financially responsible, environmentally pragmatic, and socially respectful policies that improve Coronado for generations to come.

It is an honor to continue representing you and the city of Coronado.

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