The State of California has announced that restaurants in San Diego County, subject to possible additional restrictions imposed by the County, may reopen as of Aug. 31, 2020, with up to 25% dine-in seating capacity or 100 people, whichever is less.

The City of Coronado (City) recognizes the challenges your business has experienced as a result of COVID-19 and is pleased that you will be able to resume a portion of the indoor dining that was suspended over the past several months.

On May 19, 2020, the Coronado City Council temporarily waived parking requirements and established allowances for restaurants to use public rights-of-way for outdoor dining areas. In recognition of the unprecedented difficulties facing Coronado businesses during the pandemic, the City has taken a passive enforcement role for businesses that placed seating outside approved areas. Now that restaurants can partially resume indoor dining, we are asking for your cooperation to limit outdoor seating to those areas approved by the City.

Beginning immediately, we request you observe the following:

Outdoor dining areas may only be placed on one side of the sidewalk. Restaurants may place outdoor seating along the front of their business or near the curb, but not both. This is intended to prevent obstructions and pedestrian bottlenecks which can make it difficult to observe proper social distancing;

Do not use “No Parking” signs or safety cones to prevent on-street parking in front of or near your business;

If you have a sidewalk dining area and have not received authorization from the City, please submit an application as soon as possible to prevent an enforcement action. Applications do not require the payment of any fees and City staff is available to assist you with completing an application.

If your restaurant is located along a City-owned right-of-way, you may be eligible to develop a temporary outdoor dining area either along the sidewalk or within one or more street parking spaces (e.g., parklets). The City generally owns all public streets and sidewalks except those along the 300-1400 blocks of Orange Avenue, which falls under Caltrans jurisdiction.

For information on developing a temporary outdoor dining area or if you have any questions, please contact Marisa Smith at 619-522-2414.

The City of Coronado greatly appreciates your assistance and cooperation.


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