A few weeks ago, I wrote about the circus-like atmosphere that Trustee Whitney Antrim has created on the Coronado School Board. Since then, a who’s who of friends and family of the Coronado Democrat Club have written letters, circling the wagons around Antrim.

Let’s all remember that Luke Serna, a Hispanic adult who was then on the Coronado Democrats’ scholarship committee, brought the tortillas to the championship basketball game. Luke Serna and Whitney Antrim are friends. Text messages between Antrim and Serna in the days following the tortilla incident show Antrim coached Serna on his public statement. She told Serna, “Just try to keep the stmt real simple and short I’m here fir [sic] you and I’ll support you.” Antrim even offered to keep Serna completely anonymous! These text messages, obtained from CUSD under the California Public Records Act, can be viewed by typing this URL into your web browser: https://tinyurl.com/429e3j3c

Antrim knew the man who brought the tortillas to the game. They marched together with InclusioNado for diversity and inclusion in front of the high school just six days before the tortilla incident. She coached him and tried to help keep his name out of it. Yet, she still takes every opportunity to frame this as a racist incident, for her own political gain.

Last week, another Public Records was shared with me, containing emails between Antrim and a San Diego newspaper reporter. Antrim’s emails can be viewed here: https://tinyurl.com/3nwmke6e

Antrim’s statement is a window into her true feelings about Coronado. She sees “mostly white” Coronado as part of the “racism” she sees afflicting America: “I have to acknowledge that the spectrum of racism--from insensitive jokes to hate crimes--is vast and deeply rooted in every community throughout the country.” The tortilla incident was the crisis she needed to advance her woke political agenda, first in Coronado, then from sea to shining sea.

Despite Antrim’s knowledge that her buddy Luke Serna distributed the tortillas to the kids, she stated, “This incident was undeniably racially insensitive and that insensitivity is rooted in racism, classism, and colorism.” Antrim said, “I would like to see CIF and CUSD implement a policy requiring training for coaches, athletes, and parents on implicit bias and cultural sensitivity in order to participate in their programs.” She didn’t say if she wanted this reeducation to take place in a camp, but you get the idea.

If Antrim hates our community so much, why did she move here? Why did she buy a house and register to vote in Coronado mere weeks before she filed papers to run for the school board? If her true mission is to fundamentally root out racism in America, starting with our schools, why wasn’t she honest with our community when she ran for office?

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Thank you for sharing.


Who is the "little advisor" mentioned in the text messages. This might be important.

American Barrister

Her actions thus far does make one wonder....

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