Our own School Board Trustee Whitney Antrim, has jumped fully into the “domestic terrorists” labeling of parents and community members who choose to speak out on issues they have with CUSD leaders’ judgement, policies, decision making, curriculum/clubs, school administration, and health mandates.

In early September, just shy of one week before the 9/11 anniversary, and in reaction to a local online article about a parents group “We the Parents of Coronado,” Whitney Antrim tweeted the following: “This is what we are up against - fringe groups terrorizing our community.”

Speaking for myself, I’m not ok with an elected Coronado School Board trustee claiming local groups of concerned parents, or community members, are “terrorizing our community”.

Of course if there are specific instances of threats of violence or intimidation, that’s a serious matter, and should be reported to authorities, spoken about and widely reported on publicly. There should always be zero tolerance for violence, threats, intimidation, etc. If such situations are prevalent in our community, for goodness sake let the community know so we can speak out forcefully against such acts. Whew, it feels ridiculous to even have to write those sentences, but in today’s world I guess it’s necessary. But to my point, a CUSD official making a general claim that a local group is “terrorizing our community” - with no specific context - seems incredibly over-the-top, inflammatory, and agenda driven.

Can you see how neatly this disparaging language fits in the progression of the nation-wide narrative over the past month? Claims like Whitney Antrim’s, “domestic terrorism” language by the National School Boards Association (NSBA) open letter requesting Federal counterterrorism and Homeland Security assistance, and then the U.S. Attorney General’s October memorandum, can all be viewed as proactive efforts to stifle dissent and silence protected speech.

I believe in the overall goodness and values of our school communities, not just locally but statewide and nationally. So please stop with the “may be equivalent to domestic terrorism” and “terrorizing our community” talk, which makes zero intellectually-honest effort to distinguish between rightfully condemnable (and prosecutable) behavior, versus being criticized vociferously for your judgement, actions, and policies. Coronado, we deserve better, we are better than this.

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She is playing the victim card. She is a lying, corrupt, horrible person.

DARVO - Deny, attack, reversing the victim and the offender.

Whiteny Antrim falsley called all your kids racist and repeatedly backed the publications and fervor behind the hate and threats against children in Coronado.

Now, she's complaining about the same thing. She's not the victim, she's the cause and she needs to be held accountable.

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