Claim by Superintendent Mueller: “Everyone” is conflating any focus on equity or inclusivity as it relates to race under CRT. We will introduce diverse perspectives into our lessons. We are teaching our students to embrace all human experiences with sensitivity.

It is time for enthusiasts of the concept of “equity” (which, truth be told, is the foundational premise of Critical Theorists), like Superintendent Mueller, to explain, compare and contrast “equity” with “equality.” 

Equality is the foundational premise (“self-evident truth”) of the United States of America. Equality demands consistency in the treatment of others by public institutions for the purpose of providing equality of opportunity. Conversely, “equity” demands inconsistent treatment of different people, based on their group identity, for the purpose of producing equal outcomes for members of different groups. Likewise, focus on “inclusivity” inherently demands an accounting from those making such a demand to identify those students in the Coronado community who have been “excluded” from full participation in Coronado’s educational institutions.

Claim by President Pontes: “I certainly do not envision teaching CRT to our youngest students in elementary or middle school. …[but] when they go to college and take entry level sociology and history, they are going to be introduced to CRT for the first time, and they will be at a disadvantage.”

The tool they are using to transform the world-views of young people taught to them by their parents, families and faith traditions is that the doctrines of critical theory will be, without qualification, implied as self-evident truths; only rarely will such doctrines be explicitly stated, debated or defended intellectually. President Pontes’ “vision” of establishing a CT Class as an “elective” (Grade 13 prep class) to ostensibly analyze critical theory is specious nonsense. What will happen instead is that the suppositions of critical theory will gradually spread through educational material Superintendent Mueller describes as “supplemental instructional materials to prepare our students for life…”

Imagine a Chemistry class; no teacher spends much time teaching the basic laws of chemistry. Such laws are simply stated as truths and assumed to be so thereafter. The same is the case for most any class curriculum. Such foundational doctrines are only rarely mentioned explicitly when they are violated. As C.S. Lewis once opined, “The most dangerous ideas in a society are not the ones being argued, but the ones that are assumed.” 

So, what are the “tenets” driving Critical Theorists? Here’s the gist of it:

Critical Theory Commandments: Personal identity is inextricable from group identity as ‘oppressed’ or ‘oppressor.’ Oppressor groups subdue oppressed groups by the exercise of hegemonic cultural power. Different oppressed groups cohere around their shared experience of oppression. The fundamental moral obligation of every person is the liberation of oppressed groups. ‘Lived experience’ eclipses objective evidence to confirm oppression. Individuals who are members of more than one oppressed group experience oppression in a distinctively powerful way. Oppressor groups will attempt to disguise their hegemonic oppression under a facade of objective intellectual, moral or ethical standards.

Okay then....

By continually attempting to adopt and implement CRT, the majority of CUSD Trustees and Superintendent Mueller are telling us: “We’re not doing what we’re doing,” that “things aren’t what they are” (regarding the objectives driving the ADL’s “No Place For Hate” program) and that “Things are what they aren’t” (i.e. Coronado is a “racist, classist, colorist” community). This chicanery being employed by CUSD destroys public trust and continues to paint an unfair and disingenuous portrait of our community. 

In other words, CUSD get a clue - No one trusts you.


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I am curious what evidence you have to support this statement "By continually attempting to adopt and implement CRT...". I have not seen any adoption of curriculum, textbooks or instructional materials that show that CUSD is adopting or teaching Critical Race Theory in any classroom however people continue to assert that CRT has been adopted or is being taught. Or is your assertion that some of the principles of the student club, No Place for Hate, rise to the level of teaching Critical Race Theory to students?


The School Board joined with a variety of Trojan horse programs designed to siphon taxpayer dollars and replace actual education. GLSEN. CAIR. ADL. These non profits are using race baiting to stir up justification to steal your tax dollars.


It is true that the School Board, aside from Keszai, has been terrible, dishonest and have proven beholden to political maneuvering over children's futures. Mass removal is the only answer.

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