Today much of the political landscape is dominated by what the media calls “culture wars.” In schools, these are largely philosophical arguments about whether schools should teach only reading, writing, and arithmetic like in the days of one room schoolhouses or also teach life skills like social emotional learning to prepare young people for entry into a rapidly changing global economy. Having different opinions about issues like this is normally healthy and usually contributes to better approaches to educating our young people.

Sadly, what should be positive and productive discussions about our children’s future have turned ugly here in Coronado. This is not conducive to a healthy exchange of ideas and cannot lead to better educational outcomes, regardless of which philosophical approach you support. As a community, we need to elect school board members whose primary focus is on creating the very best educational experience for our kids and not on scoring points in the culture wars.

Please leave the children out of these culture wars. Let’s let kids be kids and, most importantly, let’s let teachers teach.

VOL. 112, NO. 38 - Sept. 21, 2022

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But the current school board brought these kids into the culture wars by caving to your friends Hueso and Gonzales and calling our kids racists. This Board brought them into the culture wars by instituting the "no place for hate" program and trying to teach them that skin color assigns oppressor or oppressed status. You progressives forced these kids into the culture wars with your stupid indoctrination tactics. Don't start crying now because they are unpopular and you are losing.


We aren’t the ones parading children in front of the school board or trying desperately to keep Tortillagate alive 16 months later even though the players actually involved have, but feel free to keep trolling, deflecting, and gaslighting so we can see the real you.


Brian Trotter, nicely played. With your and that of Kevin Ashley Rainey82 is seen for what he is. Thank you

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