I recommend total support of the Planning Commission’s July 28, 2020 decision to deny this subject ‘Special Permit’ change request for Crown Manor. Would you want a ‘Hotel del Coronado Event Center and Lodging Annex’ next to your home? I certainly would not!

This requested change would begin the destruction of Coronado residential integrity by allowing short term rentals in a classic R-1A area. Family homes with productive neighbors and vibrant neighborhoods are what make Coronado such a wonderful place to live and raise a family. The Coronado Historical Association letter in the Aug. 5 Eagle & Journal fully explained this issue, and I support their position 100%.

Short term rentals destroy communities and totally change the dynamic of neighborhoods. Resident owners are supplanted by investor owners pitting resident owners against short term and possibly noisy renters. Review what has happened, and is still happening in Pacific Beach and other San Diego beach communities. Investors buy homes in residential areas and then rent them through VRBO or Airbnb. Both parking and noise issues are exacerbated by short term renters, who have no interest in the family neighborhood.

Where would the “hotelization” of Coronado end were the Planning Commission’s decision to be overturned by the City Council? If we were to allow this proposal to go forward, beautiful, large homes in residential areas would be targets for investors wanting to do the same thing as this Special Permit change request. I do not want Coronado to be ruined, and I support current zoning for all R-1A areas.

If you agree with me, please contact our Mayor and City Council Members to let them know you are against this request for a residential zoning exception for Crown Manor.

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