After 35 years of residence on our Enchanted Island, I’ve witnessed many physical, cultural and attitudinal changes. But so many of the long-standing jewels of our crown city remain, thankfully, intact. Our extraordinary weather is still the best I’ve ever experienced, after living in all corners of the world. Our beach continues to be voted one of the best in the whole world. Neighbors know, greet and care for one another. Still some things have changed with the times, technology and economy. And some changes are anticipated with hope, such as underground utilities.

As I contemplate change, I am steadfast in my analysis of it, by what results are wished for and/or garnered from any change or prospect of change. For instance, will a new law serve the safety and well-being of the community? Could a new building project be a boost to the local community while preserving the Coronado charm that is such a part of our tradition and such a draw to out-siders. Of course, as a retired military professional, cost analysis is always a concern when proposing changes. Even in a city with a proud and enviable position of operating in the black, common sense should continue to be a part of the decision making process when forming change ideas. That is to say, keeping at the forefront of any proposed change is the hoped-for measurable benefit to the community that the change is to serve

I have recently learned of a proposed change at our Coronado Police Department. Our men and women in blue are so valued and loved by our community, including this author. However, spending thousands of dollars in order to change our officers’ uniform arm patches, buckles and nametags seems to vacate any of the common sense of positive cost-benefit analysis. Of particular concern and insult is the proposal to remove the Hotel del Coronado emblem on the sleeve patches of the police uniform. As the Del is the origin of our community, along with is extraordinary historical value as a designated landmark, I find it unconscionable to even contemplate such an offensive change. I understand that only about three members of our police force are actually residents of Coronado, but it is in fact the Coronado residents and tax payers that they are sworn to serve. As a very involved and concerned Coronado resident, I can’t imagine any benefit whatsoever that removing our beloved Hotel Del’s symbol from our officers’ arms can possible achieve. I am aware of some much more needed changes that would increase the police force’s technical proficiency which would garner better protection for our citizens. Surely common sense and historical respect can be employed by the Coronado Police. This citizen says, ‘Allow our officers’ wonderful uniforms to continue displaying that appropriate and respectful tribute to our honored community, and spend the money on changes that reflect the desires of its residents, and that will in fact result in a measurable benefit.’

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